What You Will Need

Photography Adventure in Aveyron, France

What You Will Need

General Items

  • Layered clothing, good walking shoes, a light rain jacket, and umbrella (weather can be unpredictable).
  • Plug converter for the plugs for your chargers
  • Credit card with chip-and-pin technology. Let your credit card company know your travel plans
  • Headlamp for night photography

Photographic and Related Items

  • Camera and lenses
  • If you are using an iPhone, it needs to be a model 12 Pro, 13 Pro or 14 Pro
  • Tripod and remote release (optional) for night photography
  • Extra camera batteries and battery charger
  • Extra memory cards
  • Rain sleeve for your camera
  • iPad or laptop to review and upload photos
  • Card reader and cables to connect to iPad or laptop

​What You Should Know

Be comfortable with your camera and its menu options such as:

  • Set aperture and shutter priorities, or manual exposure
  • Change focus adjustments (for example: single point, zone, and wide tracking)
  • Change ISO setting

If you are using an iPhone, take time to know all the camera features so you can have more control when taking a photo. There’s a lot of great info available online, but here’s a place to start: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210571

Reviewing and Uploading Photos to Google Drive

We will have two photo review sessions where we’ll all share our favorites, get feedback and answer questions. Susan will create a folder for each participant on Google Drive to upload photos so we can all view them on the big screen. You should know how to:

  • Use Google Drive and upload photos to a folder
  • Use a program such as iPhoto, Google Photos, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Bridge to review and pick favorites to share