This is the story of a photography adventure in Aveyron, France.

Located in southwest France, Aveyron is a land of 12th century castles above stone villages overlooking a wild beautiful countryside, an ancient bridge reflecting in the flowing water — the past and present mingle here. Life at a slower pace.

The five day workshop held May 21–26, 2023, was hosted by Malana Moberg and Roland Salvato, owners of the Chateau de Balsac, and led by Susan Brand.

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Paris Dream

I have traveled to my dream Paris for so many years. It has its own landscape of wide boulevards and narrow streets, of hidden gardens that terrace up to a view of rooftops and the river.

These photographs are from a trip to Paris in 2014. I took a street photography workshop with Valarie Jardin. Valarie knows Paris so well, taking us down the side streets and hidden courtyards into its heart.

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